Texas Governor Greg Abbott says the school shooting suspect posted several messages about his plans on Facebook minutes before the attack. The company says they were private chat messages.
Washington D.C. attorney general Karl Racine is suing Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg over his alleged involvement in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
Big tech like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are seeking to block a Texas law that prohibits social media platforms from banning users based on their…
CBS News has reviewed more than 600 pages of messages the suspected Buffalo gunman is believed to have written on the social media platform Discord.
Federal authorities are combing through the Buffalo shooting suspect's writings, which provide a detailed timeline of his planning of the attack.
Former President Trump's Truth Social site has yet to generate any ad revenue, according to a new regulatory filing for the business.
Or did he?
Elon Musk says his deal to buy twitter is on hold. The company's stock plummeted after the announcement. Musk then tweeted that he is still committed to…
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