Facebook would like to own the metaverse, but Apple, Microsoft and Valve have a head start with products you can buy today.
Four major conspiracy theories were amplified by bots and influencers ahead of the #COP26 climate summit.
Amplified by bots and influencers, millions of posts on social media networks peddle false ideas about climate change.
Facebook is changing its company name to Meta. CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the new name will reflect growing interests in virtual and augmented reality.
Executives from Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube testified about algorithms, safety and efforts to protect mental health.
A Facebook researcher on the company's "integrity" team wrote in an August 2020 resignation letter reviewed by CBS News that "promising interventions" …
Leaked documents from Facebook show employees thought company response to the January 6 attacks was "piecemeal."
Kirtaner says he and Anonymous hacked former President Trump's website, Truth Social.
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