I spoke with NewsNation’s Dray Clark about 'violence-as-a-service,’ an emerging trend on apps like Telegram and Discord.
Threat intelligence media
"People could post awful stuff on [social media], and then those platforms could be sued for it. That's not the internet should work," says Shoshana…
"There are tens of thousands of 'accounts' for sale," on sites like Genesis, says Dan Woods, a security researcher at F5. "I would be surprised if it…
The CHIPS Act, tech earnings week, FTC sues Meta, Twitter Blue price hike
I have joined cybersecurity firm Cybersixgill as Editorial Director
Instagram's parent company faced backlash after announcing changes that would make the app more similar to TikTok. The company has backtracked on some…
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook's parent company Meta, will join other tech executives in being deposed over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
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